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Aquariums have a place in art. Water holds the greatest beauty of the universe.

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I’m Kevin. I’ve been passionate about fish tanks and aquariums since I was a little kid. This passion led me to start, which I use to share my love and passion. I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve my aquariums, and I love sharing what I learn with others online.

Kevin Mills


Aquarium Tips

why are my angelfish fighting

Why are my Angelfish Fighting

When you have an aquarium, it is crucial to ensure that the fish get along. …

best nano reef light

The Best Nano Reef Lights for 2022

Setting up a reef light or LED lighting for your nano aquarium provides two crucial …

best aquarium heater for 75 gallon tank

The Best Aquarium Heater for 75 Gallon Tank in 2022

Having aquarium heaters for a 75-gallon tank can make the difference between your fish thriving …

how does sponge filter work

How does Sponge Filter Work

A sponge filter is a useful piece of equipment for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. …

how to clean aquarium rocks

How to Clean Aquarium Rocks

Aquarium rocks play an important role in aquascaping, as they provide a place for fish …

aquarium salt vs epsom salt

Aquarium salt vs Epsom salt

Aquarium salt and Epsom salt are two common salts often used for different purposes in …

how to attach aquarium background

How to Attach Aquarium Background

Are you looking to give your aquarium a new look? One easy way to do …

aquarium circulation pump vs powerhead

Aquarium Circulation Pump vs Powerhead

For hobbyists who want to set up and maintain an aquarium, selecting the right equipment …

how to add co2 to aquariums

How to Add CO2 to Aquariums

Adding carbon dioxide (CO2) to your aquarium is important for increasing the growth of plants …

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