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Why Do Fish Jump out of Tanks

It’s a question that has baffled homeowners and aquarium enthusiasts – why do fish jump out of tanks?

Some believe the behavior is due to a lack of food or poor water quality, while others suggest that the fish are simply trying to find a new home. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to understand why your fish are jumping out of their tank so you can take the necessary steps to keep them safe.

In this article, we’ll explore possible explanations for this behavior and offer tips on preventing your fish from jumping out of their tank.

why do fish jump out of tanks

Fish jumping out of the tank: Behavior explanation

There are several different theories as to why fish jump out of their tanks, and a combination of these factors likely causes the behavior.

Lack of Food

A key reason fish jump out of tanks is because they’re hungry and are looking for food. If you don’t feed your fish regularly, they may start to jump out of the tank in search of something to eat.

Some scientists believe that jumping could be a type of “hunger strike.” In other words, the fish are trying to free themselves from an enclosure where they’re not getting enough food.

Escaping from threat

Some scientists believe that fish may jump out of their tanks as a way of escaping from a threat. For example, if they feel like they’re in danger or another fish is attacking them, they may jump out of the tank to get away.

Seeking New Homes

Your fish might be trying to escape their tanks in search of a new home. It may be particularly true for larger breeds of fish, which may be too big for their current environment and want to explore other areas.

In some cases, fish may jump out of their tanks because they’re bored or tired of their surroundings. It is likely that the fish have been living in the same environment for too long.

The fish tank is too small

Another possible reason that fish jump out of their tanks is because they’re cramped or uncomfortable. If your fish tank is too small, it may not provide enough space for your fish to swim freely and comfortably. As a result, some fish will be more inclined to jump in search of a better living situation.

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Additionally, suppose you overcrowd your tank with too many animals. Then, this can lead to stress and anxiety among the fish, which may also cause them to want to flee their current environment.

Suffering from disease

Some diseases can also cause fish to jump out of their tanks. For example, a condition known as “dropsy” can cause swelling and make it difficult for fish to swim properly.

As a result, the fish may jump out of the tank in an attempt to escape the water and get some air.

Too much heat

Excessive heat from their surroundings can cause fish to stress out and jump out of the pool.

Many species prefer cooler water temperatures and may become stressed or agitated when the surrounding temperature is too high.

Tank-related accidents

In some cases, fish may jump out of their tanks by accident. For example, if the tank is located near a window, the fish may be drawn to the light and jump out. Additionally, if the tank is not covered correctly, the fish may be able to escape.

Poor water quality

Some experts believe this behavior may be due to stress or anxiety, mostly due to poor water quality.

Fish thrives in a specific range of temperature, pH level, etc. You should monitor the water quality to ensure it does not cause stress to your fish, resulting in it trying to find a better place to breathe and live.

How to prevent fish from jumping out of tanks

Now that we’ve explored some possible reasons why fish jump out of their tanks let’s look at how you can prevent this from happening.

Cover the Tank

One of the best ways to prevent your fish from jumping out of their tank is to ensure it’s properly covered. You can purchase a tank cover at your local pet store or online or make your own using a piece of glass or Plexiglas and some aquarium sealant.

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Add Plants and decorations

You can make your tank less appealing to jumpers by adding plants or other decorations. It helps break up the surface of the water and reduce any “slide” that might help fish propel themselves out of the tank.

Also, more decorations provide hiding places for fish and help relieve boredom in some cases.

Keep Your Fish Well Fed

If you frequently find your fish on the floor after they’ve jumped out of their tanks, then it’s likely that they’re jumping because they’re hungry.

In this case, ensure that you feed them regularly and give them a varied diet that includes plenty of protein-rich foods such as bloodworms and brine shrimp.

Change the Water Regularly

If your fish are jumping due to stress or poor water quality, it’s important to change the water regularly.

Depending on the size of your tank, you should aim to do a partial water change (about 25%) every week or two. It helps remove any toxins or build-up of waste that might be causing your fish stress.

Provide hiding places

In some cases, fish may jump out of their tanks because they’re afraid or stressed.

If this is the case, then providing hiding places such as caves or pieces of driftwood can help give them somewhere to go when they feel scared. This provides them with a sense of security and can also help reduce any aggressive behavior from other fish in the tank.


Have you ever seen a fish jump out of an aquarium tank? It’s a common occurrence, and there are a few different reasons why fish do this. Sometimes they’re trying to escape predators, or they might be reacting to something in their environment that they don’t like.

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