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35 Types of Betta Fish: Top Colors, Tails and Most Beautiful

Bettas (Betta splendens) are strikingly beautiful freshwater aquarium fish, boasting vibrant colors and exquisite fins. Distinguishing between various Betta fish types can be perplexing for newcomers due to the array of tail types, colors, and patterns they exhibit. Wondering how to tell them apart?

In this article, I’ll enlighten you about 35 amazing Types of Betta Fish while offering valuable guidance on ensuring their well-being and happiness.

All Different Betta Types

Betta fish, renowned for their beauty, have gained immense popularity as pets worldwide. Interestingly, the Betta genus encompasses over 73 officially acknowledged species, yet the one most individuals readily recognize is Betta splendens, commonly known as the Siamese Fighting Fish.

Below are the 35 most common species that we have categorized based on their patterns, colors, and tails.

Betta Colors Types
  • Red Betta
  • Blue Betta
  • Green Betta
  • Turquoise Betta
  • Yellow Betta
  • Orange Betta
  • Purple Betta
  • Black Betta
  • White Betta
  • Multicolored Betta
  • Cellophane Betta
  • Marble Betta
  • Bicolor Betta
  • Cambodian Betta
  • Copper Betta
  • Wild-Type Betta
Betta Tail Types
  • Veil Tail Betta
  • Crowntail Betta
  • Halfmoon Betta
  • Double Tail Betta
  • Plakat Betta
  • Delta Tail Betta
  • Super Delta Tail Betta
  • Round Tail Betta
  • Spade Tail Betta
  • Combtail Betta
  • Rosetail Betta
  • Feathertail Betta
Betta Types Patterns
  • Dragon Scale Betta
  • Butterfly Betta
  • Galaxy Koi Betta
  • Koi Betta
  • Mustard Gas Betta
  • Samurai Betta
  • Alien Betta

12 Types of Betta Tails

One of the most captivating features of Betta fish is undoubtedly their beautiful tail. As you delve into the world of Bettas, you’ll be enthralled by the vast array of colors and shapes their tails can showcase. But did you know that these tails tell a story beyond their visual appeal?

Understanding the different kinds of Betta fish tails isn’t just about appreciating their beauty; it’s about comprehending the deeper nuances of the fish itself, right down to its genetics. By acquainting yourself with these tail variations, you’re not only deepening your bond with your aquatic friend but also ensuring you provide the tailored care and maintenance it truly deserves.

1. Veiltail Betta

The classic beauty among Bettas. Its graceful, flowing tail cascades down, reminiscent of a delicate veil. Its long and slightly curving appearance is a sight to behold.

betta splendens veiltail
betta splendens veiltail

2. Crowntail Betta

Types Betta renowned for its dramatic spikes and webbing, this tail gives an impression of a royal crown. Each elongated ray provides a unique and commanding presence.

red dragon scale crowntail betta
red dragon scale crowntail betta

3. Halfmoon Betta

Tail of betta Like an artist’s perfect semicircle, the Halfmoon’s tail spreads out in a 180-degree flair, resembling a crescent moon in its full splendor.

over halfmoon betta fish
over halfmoon betta fish

4. Double Tail Betta

A wonder in genetics, the Double Tail showcases two distinct tails, split down the middle, giving it a symmetrical and fascinating appearance.

Betta Types Double Tail
Betta Types Double Tail

5. Plakat Betta

Short, sturdy, and reminiscent of traditional fighter fish, the Plakat tail is bold and simple, emphasizing the fish’s vibrant colors and patterns.

betta plakat fish
Betta plakat fish

6. Delta Tail Betta

Imagine a triangle with soft edges; that’s the Delta Tail for you. It offers a spread less than the Halfmoon but is equally captivating with its geometric allure.

Betta types delta tail

7. Super Delta Tail Betta

Almost touching the grandeur of the Halfmoon, the Super Delta has a broader spread than the regular Delta, inching close to that 180-degree mark.

Betta Types Super Delta Tail
Betta Types Super Delta Tail

8. Round Tail Betta

As the name suggests, this tail type is perfectly rounded, giving a neat, full-circle appearance at the end of the Betta’s body.

Bbetta Round Tail Types
Bbetta Round Tail Types

9. Spade Tail Betta

Distinctly shaped like the spade from a deck of cards, this tail tapers to a point, combining geometry with nature’s elegance.

Betta Types Spade Tail
Betta Types Spade Tail

10. Combtail Betta

A delightful blend of the Crowntail and other tail types, the Combtail has a slight web reduction, presenting a beautiful comb-like appearance.

Betta combtail types
Betta combtail types

11. Rosetail Betta

A masterpiece of ruffles and layers, the Rosetail resembles the delicate petals of a blooming rose, with excessive branching of the fin rays.

pink rosetail betta
Pink rosetail types betta

12. Feathertail Betta

An extreme version of the Rosetail, the Feathertail boasts even more intricate branching, making it look as if the fish is adorned with delicate feathers.

Betta feathertail types

7 Types of Betta Fish Patterns

Beyond their captivating colors, Betta fish possess another intriguing feature: their distinctive patterns. The manner in which colors dance across their body and fins sets each Betta apart. These patterns, whether they’re uniform, contrasting stripes, or delightful splashes, enhance the Betta’s allure as they swim gracefully in an aquarium.

1. Dragon Scale Betta

Embodying the mystique of mythical creatures, the Dragon Scale Betta is adorned with thick, opaque scales that resemble the armor of a dragon. These scales often contrast strikingly with their underlying color, creating a mesmerizing texture.

male dragon scale betta
Male dragon scale betta

2. Butterfly Betta

Inspired by nature’s delicate winged wonder, the Butterfly Betta showcases a clear distinction between body color and fin color, akin to a butterfly’s wings. The transition between the two often resembles the patterns seen on butterfly wings.

Betta Butterfly Types
Betta Butterfly Types

3. Galaxy Koi Betta Varieties

A celestial wonder, the Galaxy Koi Betta sparkles with a pattern reminiscent of a starlit night. Vibrant speckles scattered across its body give the illusion of distant stars and galaxies.

koi galaxy betta pic
Koi Galaxy Betta pic

4. Koi Betta

Taking a cue from the famed Koi carp, this Betta boasts a splashed and marbled color pattern. Its contrasting shades, often red and cream or white, mirror the prized patterns of koi ponds.

male koi betta
Male Koi Betta Fish

5. Mustard Gas Betta

An arresting blend of colors characterizes the Mustard Gas Betta. Typically, their blue or green bodies transition beautifully into vibrant yellow or orange fins, evoking the hues of mustard gas, but in a breathtakingly beautiful way.

mustard gas betta fish img
Mustard Gas Betta Fish img

6. Samurai Betta

With a pattern that pays homage to the armor of ancient samurai warriors, this Betta features solid and metallic scales, creating a look that is both fierce and regal.

Yellow samurai betta
Yellow samurai betta

7. Alien Betta Fish

Enigmatic and mysterious, the Alien Betta Fish is characterized by its unusual and unique patterns. The speckles and patches across its body seem as if they’re from another world, making this Betta a curious centerpiece in any aquarium.

copper alien betta pic
Copper Alien Betta pic

16 Types of Betta Colors

Betta fish naturally come in a wide variety of colors. Some are simple, boasting just one bold shade, while others display a mix of vibrant hues. From deep blacks and pure whites to electric blues, their range is impressive. Some even have translucent skin, revealing a peek inside. Add in shades like rich copper and bright green, and you have a diverse palette of betta fish colors to admire.

1. Red Betta

The common colors in betta fish types. Bold and passionate, the Red Betta captivates with its fiery, crimson appearance, making a striking statement in any aquarium setting.

red rosetail betta fish pictures
Red rosetail betta fish pictures
full moon betta fish red
Full Moon betta fish red
Red plakat betta
Red plakat betta

2. Blue Betta

Color look like wild betta types with shades ranging from soft azure to deep navy, the Blue Betta embodies the calm and depth of a serene ocean, radiating cool elegance.

Blue alien betta img
Blue alien betta img
halfmoon super dumbo ear blue betta fish
halfmoon super dumbo ear blue betta fish
blue rosetail betta img
blue rosetail betta img

3. Green Betta

Channeling the lushness of nature, the Green Betta is a refreshing sight, reminiscent of dense forests and verdant meadows.

green alien betta pic
green alien betta pic
green veiltail betta
Green veiltail betta

4. Turquoise Betta

A mesmerizing blend of blue and green, the Turquoise Betta shines with the brilliance of tropical seas and gleaming gemstones.

Betta Turquois Color
Betta Turquois Color

5. Yellow Betta

Is pretty betta fish, bright and cheerful, the Yellow Betta is like a ray of sunshine, instantly brightening its surroundings with its sunny demeanor.

yellow rosetail betta
yellow rosetail betta
yellow mustard betta crowntail male
Yellow Betta Crowntail Male

6. Orange Betta

Emanating warmth and vibrancy, the Orange Betta brings to mind delightful sunsets and ripe, juicy fruits.

Orange Veiltail Betta
Orange Veiltail Betta

7. Purple Betta

Majestic and regal, the Purple Betta is a visual treat, combining the coolness of blue and the warmth of red in a royal blend.

purple rosetail betta fish
purple rosetail betta fish

8. Black Betta

Enigmatic and profound, the Black Betta stands out with its deep, ink-like hue, embodying the mysteries of the night.

black copper rosetail betta
black copper rosetail betta

9. White Betta

Pure and pristine, the White Betta exudes an ethereal beauty, symbolizing peace and simplicity.

White Veiltail Betta
White Veiltail Betta

10. Multicolored Betta

A celebration of diversity, the Multicolored Betta is a vibrant medley of hues, reflecting the joy of a festive carnival.

Multicolored Betta
Multicolored Betta

11. Cellophane Betta

With its transparent or translucent fins and body, the Cellophane Betta offers a unique, almost mystical appearance, as if it’s crafted from delicate glass.

Betta Cellophane Color
Betta Cellophane Color

12. Marble Betta

Featuring shifting patterns and colors, the Marble Betta is a dynamic and ever-evolving canvas, symbolizing nature’s unpredictable beauty.

marble halfmoon betta
Marble halfmoon betta

13. Bicolor Betta

Showcasing two distinct colors, the Bicolor Betta presents a harmonious contrast, akin to a perfectly matched duet.

Betta Bicolor
Betta Bicolor

14. Cambodian Betta

Highlighted by its pale body and contrasting vibrant fins, the Cambodian Betta is a testament to elegance in simplicity.

Betta Cambodian Color
Betta Cambodian Color

15. Copper Betta

Gleaming with a metallic sheen, the Copper Betta shines brilliantly, reminiscent of an exquisite, polished treasure.

Copper plakat betta
Copper plakat betta

16. Wild-Type Betta

Reflecting the hues and patterns of its natural habitats, the Wild-Type Betta offers a glimpse into the raw, untouched beauty of nature.

Betta Wild-Type Color
Betta Wild-Type Color

The 9 Most Beautiful Types of Betta Fish

There is much debate about the most beautiful types of Betta fish, as each species has its unique color and design that carries its own distinctive charm. However, there are certain species that many people have voted as the most beautiful and unique. Below is a list of the most beautiful Betta fish that we would like to introduce to you.

  • Dragon Scale Betta
  • Butterfly Betta
  • King Betta Fish
  • Galaxy Koi betta
  • Mustard Gas Betta
  • Veil Tail Betta
  • Halfmoon Betta
  • Fullmoon Betta
  • Rosetail Betta
  • Dumbo Betta Fish
The most beautiful betta fish
The most beautiful betta fish


Navigating through the diverse world of the 35 types of betta fish is truly an enlightening journey. From vibrant hues to gentle temperaments, each type offers a unique blend of beauty and personality.

We hope this guide has enriched your understanding and stoked your curiosity about Betta fish. If you’re eager to dive even deeper into the aquatic realm, National Park Aquarium has a wealth of blogs awaiting your discovery. Dive in, and let’s continue exploring together!

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