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Aquariums have a place in art. Water holds the greatest beauty of the universe.

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At the National Park Aquarium, you’ll find resources on fish care guides, fish tank tips, and decorations. Unlike some other sources, this blog provides professional and comprehensive knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned fish enthusiast or a newcomer, the information is freely accessible to all who share the same passion for aquatic life. Additionally, we introduce products that we truly believe in for our readers.


Freshwater Aquarium Basics

Learn how to set up a freshwater aquarium, from selecting the right fish to choosing the appropriate tank size and equipment.

Freshwater Fish Breeds

Discover various species of freshwater fish, including popular breeds such as betta, guppies, and tetra.

Fish Health & Care

Get expert advice on how to provide a proper diet and care for your freshwater fish, ensuring that they remain healthy and happy!

Aquarium Reviews

Comprehensive reviews of aquarium equipment based on customer experience and expert advice. Help you choose the right product for your aquarium!

Aquarium & Maintenance

Taking care of your fish is a demanding task that requires a lot of attention and care. Get expert advice on how to maintain an ideal aquarium environment for your pets.

Aquarium Plants

All types of aquatic plants have different requirements. Learn how to choose the right plants for your aquarium based on the size, fish species, and living environment.




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