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Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank (A Complete Beginner’s Guide)

Whether you’re a seasoned aquarist or a newbie, owning a 10-gallon fish tank can open up a whole new world of aquatic experiences right at your home. This compact size makes it a perfect addition for small spaces while offering sufficient room for diverse marine life and plants. Let’s dive into the best 10-gallon fish tanks, setup ideas, and more.

Standard Dimensions of a Aquarium Tank 10 Gallon

The standard dimensions of a 10-gallon aquarium tank are typically 20 inches in length, 10 inches in width, and 12 inches in height (20″ L x 10″ W x 12″ H). However, these dimensions can vary slightly depending on the specific design and manufacturer of the tank.

Standard dimensions of a 10-gallon fish tank
Standard dimensions of a 10-gallon fish tank

Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank (Top 5 Picks)

Not all aquariums are created equal, so it’s important to find the best one that suits your needs. Here are the top five 10-gallon tanks you might want to consider.

Top#5. Aqueon Standard Glass 10 Gallon Rectangular Tank

Cost: Under $30

Its design is simple and elegant, providing a transparent canvas to create a beautiful underwater world.

Aqueon Standard Glass 10 gal tank
Aqueon Standard Glass 10 gal tank


  • Material: Clear glass – Offers a perfect view of the aquatic life
  • Dimensions: 20.2 x 10.5 x 12.6 inches – Fits comfortably in various spaces
  • Weight: 11.5 pounds – Sturdy without being overly cumbersome
  • Capacity: 10 gallons – Ideal for small to medium fish species
  • Shape: Rectangular – Allows creativity in aquascaping
  • Accessories: None included – Offers flexibility to choose preferred equipment
  • Other Features: Black silicone seams – Enhances visual appeal
Pros Cons
Crystal clear glass for visibility No included accessories
Perfect size for beginners Silicone seams may gather algae
Versatile for different setups
The Aqueon Standard Glass 10 Gallon Rectangular Tank is a straightforward and versatile choice for those looking to delve into the world of aquascaping. While it lacks accessories, its clear view, perfect size, and elegant design make it a valuable addition to any living space. If you’re after a simple yet effective tank, this is a solid option to consider.

Top#4. Hagen Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit (10 – 15 Gallon)

Cost: $110-$130

The Hagen Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit, available in 10 or 15 gallons, reimagines the traditional aquarium with its eye-catching curved front design. This unique feature gives a panoramic view of the aquatic world inside, bringing a touch of modernity to any space.

Hagen Fluval Flex Aquarium 10 – 15 Gallon
Hagen Fluval Flex Aquarium 10 – 15 Gallon


  • Material: Clear glass with curved front – Panoramic view for enhanced enjoyment
  • Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 13 inches for 10-gallon; varies for 15-gallon – Fits comfortably in most spaces
  • Weight: Varies depending on the size – Solid construction without being burdensome
  • Capacity: 10 or 15 gallons – Suitable for different fish and plant species
  • Shape: Curved front rectangular – Provides a fresh and modern look
  • Accessories: Includes filtration system, LED lighting – Complete setup for immediate enjoyment
  • Other Features: Hidden compartments for filter and heater, remote control for lighting – Convenience meets aesthetics
Pros Cons
Innovative curved front design Curved design may limit some scaping
All-inclusive kit with essential accessories Remote control may be finicky
Multiple size options for flexibility Price may be higher compared to other kits
Easy to set up and maintain

The Hagen Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit offers a delightful twist to the conventional aquarium with its elegant curved front. Its all-in-one approach, offering essential accessories like a filtration system and LED lighting, makes it a standout choice for both newcomers and seasoned aquarists.

While the unique design may pose limitations for specific aquascaping, its overall appearance and functionality present an appealing option for those who desire something more distinctive in their aquarium. If you’re looking to make a stylish statement, this kit could be a perfect fit.

Top#3. Tetra Complete LED Aquarium 10 Gallons

Cost: $60-$70

The Tetra Complete LED Aquarium offers a well-rounded experience for both newcomers and seasoned aquarists. With an array of included accessories, setting up an attractive aquatic environment has never been more accessible.

Aquarium 10 Gallons
Aquarium 10 Gallons


  • Material: Clear glass – Excellent visibility into the underwater world
  • Dimensions: 20 x 10 x 12 inches – Standard size suitable for various locations
  • Weight: 20 pounds – Sturdy without being overly heavy
  • Capacity: 10 gallons – A great starting point for new hobbyists
  • Shape: Rectangular – Classic shape that allows for creative aquascaping
  • Accessories: Includes filter, heater, LED light, and fishnet – All necessary tools for a quick start
  • Other Features: Scratch-resistant glass, hood with feeding hole – Attention to detail enhances functionality
Pros Cons
Comprehensive kit with accessories for a quick start LED light may not be strong enough for some plants
Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater Filter may be noisy for some users
Scratch-resistant glass for durability
Well-detailed instructions included
The Tetra Complete LED Aquarium Kit is an excellent choice for anyone venturing into the world of aquarium keeping. With its all-inclusive approach, it takes the guesswork out of selecting individual components, making the setup process smooth and enjoyable. The addition of features like scratch-resistant glass and a hood with a feeding hole reflects a thoughtful design.

Top#2. All Glass Aquarium AAG09010 Tank

Cost: Under $40

The All Glass Aquarium AAG09010 Tank is a pure and simple option for aquarium enthusiasts who prefer the freedom to tailor their setup to their specific needs and tastes. With its no-frills design, it offers a blank canvas that can be transformed into a thriving aquatic habitat.

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Aquarium AAG09010 Tank
Aquarium AAG09010 Tank


  • Material: Clear glass – For unobstructed viewing of the aquatic environment
  • Dimensions: Depends on the model – Choose the size that fits your space and needs
  • Weight: Varies by model – Sturdy construction without being overly burdensome
  • Capacity: 10 gallons – Suitable for a range of small to medium-sized fish species
  • Shape: Rectangular – Traditional and versatile design for creative aquascaping
  • Accessories: None included – Freedom to select preferred equipment
  • Other Features: Black silicone seams – Adds a subtle touch of elegance
Pros Cons
Crystal clear glass for optimal visibility No accessories included
Versatile size for different setups Silicone seams may gather algae
Simple design allows full customization

The All Glass Aquarium AAG09010 Tank is a minimalist and versatile tank that will appeal to those who enjoy designing their own unique aquatic environment. Its clear glass and elegant black silicone seams provide a neutral foundation that can accommodate any aesthetic.

This tank offers the freedom to create a tailored aquatic world that reflects your individual preferences and needs. For aquarists who appreciate simplicity and customization, this tank is a solid choice.

Top#1. Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kit with LED Lighting

Cost: $60-$70

Designed for both newcomers and seasoned aquarium enthusiasts, this kit provides an all-in-one solution that ensures you have everything you need right out of the box.

Aquarium Fish Tank with LED Lighting
Aquarium Fish Tank with LED Lighting


  • Aquarium Size: This starter kit comes in various sizes, offering flexibility for different needs.
  • LED Lighting: The included hood with LED lighting beautifully illuminates the tank and adds a visual appeal to your setup.
  • Filtration System: Equipped with a QuietFlow Power Filter, the kit ensures the water remains clean and clear, keeping your aquatic pets happy.
  • Heater: Depending on the kit, a preset heater might be included, ensuring the right temperature for tropical fish.
  • Accessories: The kit also features a thermometer, fishnet, fish food, water conditioner, and setup guide, providing everything you need to start.
  • Design: Its sleek design ensures that it blends seamlessly with your home decor.
Pros Cons
All-in-one solution The included filter may require regular maintenance
LED lighting enhances aesthetics Some might prefer a more powerful heater
Flexible size options Limited customization for advanced hobbyists
Includes essential accessories The quality of some accessories may vary

The Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kit with LED Lighting is an all-in-one gem for any aquarium enthusiast.

The included LED lighting, essential accessories, and easy setup make it an attractive option for both newcomers and seasoned hobbyists.

The overall experience has been positive, transforming my living space into a peaceful aquatic haven. If you’re considering starting or upgrading an aquarium, this kit offers convenience and beauty in one package.

Steps to Set up a 10 Gallon Aquarium

The coolest ideas range from vibrant and active swimmers to calm, shy dwellers, enabling you to set up a tank that suits your preferences.

Consider shrimps and snails to add variety and help in keeping your tank clean. And don’t forget to check species-specific needs and compatibility when selecting tank mates.

  • Location and Cleaning.
  • Substrate and Equipment.
  • Water, Decorations, and Cycling.
  • Testing and Fish Introduction.
  • Aintenance.

Take a look at our 10 gallon fish tank setup (A Complete Beginner’s Guide), which includes setup instructions, to create your ideal fish tank.

Build the ocean at home with these ideas
Build the ocean at home with these ideas

Some Fish for 10 Gallon Tank (Saltwater & Freshwater Species)

Freshwater Fish for 10-Gallon Tank Key Characteristics
1. Betta Colorful, flowing fins, peaceful when alone
2. Guppy Easy to care for, vibrant colors, good for beginners
3. Rice Fish Wide temperature tolerance, active, playful
4. Chili Rasbora Small, bright red color, peaceful, schooling
5. White Cloud Minnow Hardy, adaptable, active
6. Celestial Pearl Danio Bright colors, peaceful, can be shy
7. Neon Tetra Small, vibrant colors, peaceful, schooling
8. Female Bettas Colorful, active, less aggressive
9. Zebra Danio Hardy, active, schooling
10. Dwarf Gourami Brightly colored, peaceful, larger size
11. Freshwater Pea Puffer Small, active, intelligent, species-only tank recommended
12. Dwarf Corydoras Catfish Small, active, peaceful, clean up leftover food
13. Endler’s Livebearer Small, vibrant, easy to care for, prolific breeders
Saltwater Fish for 10-Gallon Tank Key Characteristics
1. Tailspot Blenny Small, peaceful, feeds on algae
2. Purple Firefish Vibrant color, hardy, need a secure lid
3. Blue-Green Chromis Hardy, easy to care for, beautiful color, can school
4. Yellow Line Goby Small, bright color, peaceful
5. Orange Stripe Prawn Goby Attractive, peaceful, cohabits with pistol shrimp
6. Chalk Bass Hardy, easy to care for, colorful, calm
7. Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish Small, vibrant, likes high perches
8. Royal Gramma Vivid colors, peaceful, likes hiding spots
9. Clown Goby Tiny, peaceful, reef-safe
10. White Banded Possum Wrasse Unusual, peaceful, bottom-dweller
11. Clownfish Bright color, hardy, easy to care for
12. Helfrich Firefish Exotic, bright color, timid
13. Transparent Goby Interesting, peaceful, bottom dweller
14. Hi-Fin Red Banded Goby Vibrant, easy to care for, pairs well with pistol shrimp
15. Pajama Cardinal Hardy, peaceful, unique color pattern

While freshwater fish require less maintenance and are a good choice for beginners, saltwater fish offer exotic coloration and unique behaviors but require more complicated setup and stricter water quality control.

For the best selection of fish, check out our guide on best fish for 10 gallon tank for beginners.
Choose carefully which fish to add to your 10-gallon aquarium
Choose carefully which fish to add to your 10-gallon aquarium

Plants for 10 Gallon Aquariums

  • Java Fern: An easy plant for beginners, it’s hardy and can tolerate a wide range of water conditions.
  • Anubias: It’s a tough, hardy plant that can adapt to various conditions. Ideal for attaching driftwood or stones.
  • Dwarf Hairgrass: This is a carpeting plant that gives the aquarium a natural, grassy look. Requires high lighting and CO2 supplementation.
  • Java Moss: Easy to grow and care for. It provides excellent cover for fish and invertebrates.
  • Cryptocoryne: It’s a versatile plant that can thrive in various conditions.

Aquatic plants enrich aquarium ecosystems by boosting oxygen levels, offering shelter to fish, and assisting in water quality control.

The selection of plants should be based on lighting, growth rate, tank placement, and compatibility with your specific fish species.

Through thoughtful selection and care, these plants can significantly elevate both the health and aesthetics of your 10-gallon tank.

Follow our guide on the best plants for 10 gallon aquarium to discover the ideal aquatic plants in more detail.
Add the greenery for a cooler tank
Add the greenery for a cooler tank

Best Filter for 10 Gallon Tank

Filter Name Key Features Pros Cons
Seachem Tidal 35 Flow regulation, surface skimmer, self-priming Easy to install and maintain, adjustable flow rate, surface skimmer Can be noisy at higher flow rates, relatively expensive
AquaClear Power Filter Re-filtration system, BioMax filter insert, adjustable flow rate Excellent biological filtration, efficient use of filter media, customizable flow rate May be bulky, flow rate might be too powerful for some small or slow-swimming fish
Fluval C2 Power Filter Five-stage filtration, modular design, patented re-filtration system Comprehensive filtration, customization of filter media, efficient use of filter media May be too advanced for beginners, might be noisy when water level is low
Aquanet Sponge Filter Multi-filtration function, easy to clean, quiet operation Effective filtration, silent, simple to maintain, good for small/slow-moving fish, affordable Does not provide chemical filtration, not ideal for heavily stocked tanks
Aquaneat Air Driven Bio Corner Filter Corner design, promotes biological filtration, aerates water Compact, space-saving, efficient, promotes biological filtration, provides aeration Requires an air pump for operation, lacks mechanical and chemical filtration

Remember to consider the features you value the most for your specific tank setup. Explore the various filtration options with this guide filter for a 10 gallon fish tank.

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Heater for 10 Gallon Fish Tank

Heater Name Key Features Pros Cons
Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Aquarium Heater One-touch system, shatterproof plastic, LED display Adjustable temperature, durable, clear temperature readings Design may not suit all tanks, occasional issues with temperature calibration
Aqueon Pro Adjustable Heater Wide range of temperature settings, durable thermal plastic, automatic shut-off Precise temperature control, safety features Can get warm to touch, may be large for some tanks
Tetra 26447 Ht10 Submersible Heater Automatic thermostat, easy installation, indicator light Simple to use, ideal temperature for tropical fish May not be sufficient for cold environments, lacks adjustable temperature settings
Aquatop 50W Aquarium Submersible Glass Heater Adjustable temperature, clear temperature display, fully submersible Wide temperature range, easy to monitor, flexible placement Glass design more prone to breakage, not the most energy-efficient
Hydor Theo Shatterproof Aquarium Heater Shatterproof glass, adjustable temperature, automatic shut-off Safe, wide temperature range, extra safety features May take longer to heat the tank, small temperature dial

Each heater has its advantages and disadvantages, so the best choice will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and the conditions in your home. Get more details at the best 10 gallon fish tank heater before making your decision.

Create the best environment for your fish with a filter and heater
Create the best environment for your fish with a filter and heater


Can a turtle live in a 10-gallon tank?

Certainly, a baby or small turtle can begin its life in a 10-gallon tank, but it’s just a temporary solution. This is because turtles, depending on the species, can grow significantly over time. As they grow, their need for space also increases – both for swimming and for basking.

A cramped tank can stress the turtle and lead to health problems. Therefore, while a 10-gallon tank can be a good starter home for a small turtle, you’ll eventually need to upgrade to a larger habitat.

How many fish in a 10-gallon tank?

An established rule in the aquarium world is the ‘one inch per gallon’ rule. This means for each gallon of water in your tank, you can house one inch of fish. For a 10-gallon tank, you could, therefore, accommodate approximately 10 inches of fish.

This calculation includes the fish’s full-grown size, not its size at purchase. However, keep in mind that this rule doesn’t account for the varying needs of different fish species, so always research the specific needs of your fish.

How many hermit crabs in a 10-gallon tank?

Hermit crabs in 10-gallon tank, like all animals, require enough space to move and grow. In a 10-gallon tank, you can comfortably house two to three small hermit crabs.

Remember, hermit crabs are social creatures that thrive in groups, but overcrowding can lead to stress and illness.

How much gravel for a fish tank?

Gravel forms an important part of your aquarium. It serves as a home for beneficial bacteria that aid in breaking down waste, leftover food, and plant debris.

The general recommendation for gravel is around 1 to 2 lbs per gallon. Thus, for a 10-gallon tank, you’ll need approximately 10-20 lbs of gravel.

How many guppies in a 10-gallon tank?

Guppies are small, vibrant fish that don’t require much space. You can keep up to 5 guppies in a 10-gallon tank without overcrowding it. This also allows each guppy enough space to swim and explore, contributing to their overall health and happiness.

How many neon tetras in a 10-gallon tank?

Neon tetras are small, schooling fish, which means they prefer to live in groups. For a 10-gallon tank, you can keep a school of 10-15 neon tetras. Having a group of their own kind helps these little fish feel safe and reduces stress.

How many goldfish in a 10-gallon tank?

Although they start small, goldfish can grow significantly larger than many people anticipate. Moreover, they are known for producing a significant amount of waste, which requires a good filtration system and regular water changes.

Due to these factors, it’s recommended to keep only one goldfish in a 10-gallon tank. And as the goldfish grows, it will require more space to swim and thrive.


Choosing the right 10-gallon fish tank requires careful consideration of factors such as the type of fish you want to keep, the equipment needed, and the overall aesthetics that match your preferences.

For those looking to delve deeper into the subject and explore further customization options, additional resources and expert insights are available on

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