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The Best Aquarium Heater for 75 Gallon Tank in 2023

Having aquarium heaters for a 75-gallon tank can make the difference between your fish thriving or becoming sickly. Do you need an aquarium heater? Would your fish not survive without a heater?

If you are keeping freshwater fish, you can do without using a heater. However, it is a different story if you are keeping saltwater fish. The brightly-colored marine aquarium fish live in tropical oceans that are typically warm.

In other words, placing them in an aquarium with cold water will not be good for them. You will find that they will not be as active and they might even die due to the cold temperature.

If you want to keep your beloved fish in tip-top shape, this article National Park Aquarium will teach you how to choose the right heater for your tank. When you know what to look for, you will not be wasting your money on sub-standard equipment. This will also assure you that your precious fish are healthy and happy.

Best Aquarium Heater for 75 Gallon Tank Reviews

1. Orlushy Submersible Aquarium Heaters

orlushy submersible aquarium heaters
Arlushy submersible aquarium heaters

This product is a no-frills aquarium heater, which means it is one impressive option for the most beneficial heater for a 75-gallon tank. You will be getting a simple heating element that you control using a simple and clearly labeled dial.

Even though this is pretty simple, the amount of heat that this item produces is quite accurate. According to the manufacturer, this heater is accurate within +/- 1 degree.

If you are the type who is not that technically inclined, then you would like how easy it is to set up this tank accessory. The only thing to do is set the dial to the recommended temperature for your fish.

After that, position this item inside the tank using the included suction cups and plug it into the nearest wall outlet. The power cord is 6 feet in length so you will have plenty to work with.

For something so affordable, this heater works quite consistently. I have tried a lot of other tank heaters, and a lot of them do not heat the water uniformly. Some heaters fluctuate so much that it affects the fish negatively. I have had some fish actually get sick because the water temperature would change so often.

Another nice thing about this item is that there is a separate tank thermometer included in the kit. This is quite handy because it takes out all the guesswork. The thermometer also comes with a clear LCD, so reading the temperature is quite easy.

The free thermometer is a nice touch because it means you do not have to buy another one separately. You can start heating the tank and monitoring the temperature right away.

Although this heater is quite good, it is quite far from being the perfect aquarium heater. For one thing, the end cap designed to protect the heater always falls off and I had to reattach it a couple of times every month. Also, after half a year, the inside of the heater started to turn black, which is kind of raising my concerns if it is still safe to use.

  • Comes with a precise temperature dial – It is accurate to +/-1 degrees
  • Comes with an extra thermometer for monitoring the actual water temperature
  • The heater is easy to use – No assembly is necessary
  • The heater works consistently
  • Feels solid and has adequate heft to it
  • The protective cap keeps falling off
  • The inside of the thermometer darkens after a while

Normally, I would advise against using a low-cost aquarium heater 75-gallon, but this is one of the very few exceptions. This is still quite far from being the perfect product but it does the job well enough. If you are saving up for a more expensive heater, this one will help keep your fish healthy until you can get something more substantial.

2. AQQA Temperature Controller Aquarium Heaters

aqqa temperature controller aquarium heaters
Aqqa temperature controller aquarium heaters

There is a nice thermometer built into this heater. I think this is great because I no longer need a separate thermometer to measure the tank temperature. This also makes the aquarium less cluttered.

Another thing I liked about this item is that it comes pre-assembled right out of the box. You do not need to assemble anything at all. The only thing to do is attach the suction cups to attach the heater inside the tank. Other than that, you do not need to put anything together for this heater to work.

This heater is also quite easy to operate. Just set the temperature of the water and you can leave it alone. The thermometer controls the heater. When the temperature of the water drops, it turns on the heater. Upon reaching the desired temperature, it shuts down.

I also appreciate the numerous safety features that this heater has. There is an auto-shutdown feature that prevents dry burning. Most importantly, a clear plastic cover covers up the heating element.

There is also a PVC cover to protect the fish from getting burned. The holes in the cover are small enough that even small fishes like mollies and tetras cannot accidentally go through them.

The only issue that I have with this heater is that it is quite bulky. Because of the protective cover, this heater takes up quite a lot of space in my tank. If you have a 75-gallon tank, the size might not seem like much of an issue.

However, if you have anything smaller than a 50-gallon tank, then you would really notice the amount of wasted space in your aquarium.

  • There is a built-in thermometer in the product
  • Automatically starts and stops when water reaches the desired temperature
  • Features a handy memory function
  • Easy to install, which means there is no need for complex assembly
  • Has lots of safety features
  • Bulky and takes up a lot of space
  • Customer service leaves a lot to be desired

If you own particularly sensitive fish, you will love how consistent this heater works. I liked how you can just set the temperature and then just leave it on its own. Although I would have liked it more if it was not so large, I am still satisfied with this heater as I noticed that it efficiently performs its job.

3. Marineland Precision Heater

marineland precision heater
Marineland precision heater

This precision heater is good to use for saltwater or freshwater aquariums. If you are the type of person who has trouble figuring out how to use the other features of their microwave, you will love how easy it is to use this heater.

You do not need to do complex button presses to set the temperature. You just have to twist the analog dial to your desired temperature and then leave it.

I also like how durable this heater is. Although this heater is a bit light, the heating element used by this heater uses more advanced technology compared to the competition. Even though this is one of the more affordable options, you will find that it has comparable durability to the more expensive choices on the market.

This heater is mostly analog. Despite that, it does not mean that you will not be able to monitor the water temperature easily. There is a brightly-labeled slide scale that serves as the temperature indicator.

Regardless of where you place the heater in your tank, you will always have a clear view of the thermometer built into the heater accessory. You can figure out if you need to increase the temperature of the heater or otherwise.

As mentioned earlier, this aquarium heater is easy to use. This heater has a built-in function where it will automatically turn off once it reaches its set temperature. It will also turn back on when the temperature gets a bit too cold. Even though this heater is mostly analog, it is still a reliable way to provide your tank with a constant temperature.

Now, I do have a slight problem with this heater and that is you need to raise the temperature gradually. The heating element heats up a bit too fast. If you immediately set the temperature to the final setting, the heating element would heat the water a bit too fast. It does it so much that it might harm the fish.

I suggest that you heat the water incrementally to give your fish enough time to acclimate. Or better yet, remove the fish while the water is getting up to temperature.

  • Easy to use as it has analog controls
  • No assembly required
  • Has a brightly-marked sliding scale to display the temperature
  • Uses an advanced heating element that is much more durable compared to other brands
  • Turns on and off automatically upon getting to the desired temperature
  • Does not have enough heft at all
  • Tends to heat up a bit too fast

This is another budget-friendly heater for your aquarium. Although it does feel a bit too light, this heater works quite well. Marineland has a reputation for providing quality aquarium equipment, and this heater is not an exception. If you are a beginner at keeping a marine tank, this is a great starter heater.

4. FREESEA Aquarium Fish Tank Heaters

freesea aquarium fish tank heaters
Freesea aquarium fish tank heaters

It is so nice that this water heater has different power options to choose from. If you have a large aquarium, like a 75-gallon capacity one, you might want to use the 300-watt variant. This has enough power to heat the tank water relatively quickly.

It can also maintain the temperature more efficiently. For smaller tanks, like a 10-gallon betta tank, the 25-watt should be enough.

This heater does not have the fancy bells and whistles that come with other brands, and this is a good thing. You do not need to press several different buttons to set the temperature of the tank.

Just twist the knob on top of the unit to your desired temperature and the heater will do the rest for you. Even the included thermometer is easy to use. You only have to submerge the probe in the tank and then hang the display over the side of the tank.

Speaking of the thermometer, this kit comes with a separate thermometer that will help you monitor the condition of the fish in the tank. The thermometer is also quite easy to set up.

Just hang the probe inside the tank (using the included suction cup and clip) and then hang the LCD screen over the edge. This takes out all the guesswork regarding the monitoring of the temperature of the tank.

Also, this is one of the most durable fish tank heaters that you can buy right now. Freesea made sure that they made this item as durable as possible. You can rest assured that this item can last for many years.

If you happen to get a defective unit, the company’s customer service is also nice in that they will schedule the pick-up and replacement of the unit. You can expect them to do so without any additional cost.

The biggest problem that I have with this water heater is that setting the temperature is not as accurate as I would have wanted it to be. I needed to set the thermostat at a lower value as the heater tends to warm up the water too much. Sometimes, the unit would heat the water too much and just harm the fish in the tank.

  • Has different power options
  • Features an easy-to-use analog temperature control
  • Turns off automatically once the ideal temperature is reached
  • Comes with a free, separate submersible thermometer
  • Made with durability in mind
  • The thermostat is not that accurate – The actual temperature is hotter than what is indicated on the temperature control
  • Does not have a guard to prevent fish from coming too close to the heating element

This is one of the most reliable aquarium heaters that I have come across in all the years that I have been keeping an aquarium. If you like things that have no frills and are easy to use, this heater is just right for you. Although the controls are not as precise as I wanted them to be, with a bit of practice, you can dial the temperature perfectly.

5. HiTauing Aquarium Protection Heaters

hitauing aquarium protection heaters
Hitauing aquarium protection heaters

If you are a tad apprehensive about submerging an electrical device in your tank, you do not have to feel that way with this product. One of the worries I used to have with aquarium tank heaters is that they might leak electricity into the water, which can be fatal for the fish.

This water heater is completely sealed. This means that the only thing that would radiate from it is heat and nothing else.

It is also nice that this water heater already comes pre-assembled right out of the box. You only need to attach the suction cups at the back of the heater so that you can secure them inside the tank. Other than that, the only other thing you need to do to set up this heater is to twist the dial to your desired temperature setting.

Another nice thing about this heater is that the heating element comes covered by a durable PVC cover. This will prevent your fish from getting too close to the heating elements, thanks to the tiny holes on the cover.

The perforations also help by regulating the amount of heat radiating from the heating element. I have had small fish get cooked by aquarium water heaters that did not have this protective cover.

This heater also comes with a built-in thermometer, so you do not have to buy a separate one for your tank. You may think that this makes this item a bit too complicated, but the truth is that you only have to deal with one button for setting up the heater.

Once you set your ideal temperature, the heater will work automatically to reach said temperature and also maintain it.

The only gripe that I have with this product is that the thermostat is not that consistent. There are some days when the water temperature is consistently within the correct limits.

However, there are also times when the heat does not reach the other end of the tank. If you have a large tank, you may need to buy two heaters to maintain even heat throughout the tank.

  • Comes with a lot of safety features
  • A protective PVC cover covers the heating element – This prevents the fish from getting too close
  • Does not require complex assembly
  • Comes with a built-in thermometer for easier monitoring
  • This submersible heater can heat the water fast
  • Sometimes, the temperature control is not that precise
  • The thermometer would sometimes shut off the heater before heating the entire tank

This water heater is quite affordable, especially if you consider all the features that it has. This is not perfect by any means but it does its job well. It might not be quite as consistent as others, but it does make up for it by being durable and the safety features that come with it.

6. Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heaters

eheim jager aquarium thermostat heaters
Eheim jager aquarium thermostat heaters

This is among the easiest-to-use aquarium water heaters that I have used ever since I started this hobby. There are no buttons to press. There is just a dial on top of the device that you need to set to the correct setting. Even re-calibrating the thermostat is easy. You can even do it without consulting the instructions.

Even though this device is quite simple, it does come with all the important safety features. The most important, in my opinion, is the auto-shutoff feature that prevents dry burning. When the water level gets too low and a portion of the heater gets exposed to the air, it will automatically turn on to prevent the device from damaging itself.

Unlike other aquarium heaters, even after a couple of months of continuous use, I have not yet seen any condensation form inside the glass tube. This means that the enclosure is completely watertight.

Because there is no condensation inside the glass tube, there will not be any corrosion on the heating elements. This means that they can last for a significantly long time.

For something so simple to use, this water heater sure does work consistently. As long as you calibrated it properly and positioned it correctly in the tank, expect a consistent water temperature throughout the tank. Just make sure to place the heater near the outlet of your tank’s filtration system to ensure that the heat circulates within the tank.

Although this water heater already comes pre-calibrated, you might need to do some adjustments to the temperature control. This is easy enough to do but you need to use a separate thermometer to make the calibration precise. This is one of my issues with this product. For the price, it should at least come with a thermometer.

  • Easy to operate without the need for any major assembly
  • Will automatically shut off to prevent dry burning
  • Completely submersible – You can’t expect any condensation to form inside the tube
  • Heats the water consistently and uniformly
  • Very durable – It may last a couple of years
  • Does not have a thermometer included
  • You might need to calibrate the dial to reach the correct temperature

This is a no-nonsense aquarium water heater. Because there are only a few components to worry about, it can last for quite a long time. It is a bit disappointing, though, that this does not come with a thermometer. When it comes to reliability and durability, you can rest assured that this product will deliver.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Aquarium Heaters for 75 Gallon Tank

best heater for 75 gallon tank
Best heater for 75 gallon aquarium

Shopping for a good-quality aquarium heater can be a bit tricky. The main reason is that you have to take a lot of things into consideration. You should make your choice carefully because you will be submerging an electronic device into your aquarium. If it fails, there is a good chance that all your fish will suffer dire consequences.

Here are some of the important things you should check when shopping for a water heater for your tank.

1. Power Output

If you will be heating a 75-gallon tank, you will need to get a water heater that has sufficient power to warm the entire volume of the tank. The rule of thumb when choosing a heater for any size tank is 5 watts per gallon of water for tanks 55 gallons below, and 3 watts per gallon for 60 gallons above.

This means that if you own a 90-gallon tank, the best heater for a 90-gallon aquarium is one that is at least 270 watts. On the other hand, you can also get two smaller water heaters that total 225 watts and position them on both sides of your tank.

2. Ease of Use

A water heater should not be overcomplicated to use. It should be easy to set the temperature and it should be able to maintain it without you getting involved.

Choose a heater that has a simple interface, so that you can set it properly without the risk of making a mistake. I like using analog temperature controls compared to digital ones, even though they are not as precise.

Analog controls are more robust and can last longer than most digital controls, which means the entire device can work longer and more efficiently. Also, check the heater if it can turn on and off automatically to maintain the temperature of the water.

3. Durability

You should not skimp on build quality when it comes to aquarium heaters. Bear in mind that you will be submerging the heater inside your aquarium. If the enclosure of the heating elements is not completely watertight, it could cause a nasty short circuit that may kill all your fish, and quite possibly seriously hurt you as well.

4. Accessories Included

Most commercial aquarium water heaters come with built-in thermometers. This means that you can closely monitor the heating element and the temperature of the water.

Not needing to buy a separate thermometer is great because you can immediately start using the device. You no longer need to rely on guesswork to determine if the actual temperature of the water is accurate to the settings of the water heater.

5. Cost

This is the part where you need to adjust and increase your spending limit so you can ensure that your fish are healthy and safe. This means that you should consider investing more money in a better-quality heater. The cheaper water heaters tend to not last long, which means you will need to buy replacements quite frequently as well.

best heater for 75 gallon aquarium
Best heater for 75 gallon aquarium


If you live in an area where it gets quite cold, especially during the winters, then you need the best aquarium heater for 75 gallon tank. Regardless if you are keeping marine or freshwater fish, if the ambient temperature gets too low, your fish might suffer.

Using a heater to warm up the water will greatly improve your fish’s quality of life. This means they will be more energetic and least likely to get sick.

Now that you reached the end of this article, it is safe to assume that you have already learned all the things you need to know. You can now make the right choice when you go out shopping for water heaters for your aquarium.

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