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Betta Fish Feeding Guide (How Much and How Often To Feed)?

Betta fish are among the best species that you can have in a small tank. This is because of their diverse diet and easy care. With proper care and feeding, betta fish will be happy, healthy, and more attractive in your aquarium.

Do you feed your betta fish regularly? How much food do you give? If you’re a beginner, it’s easy to make mistakes like overfeeding or underfeeding, which can significantly affect their health.

In this in-depth article, National Park Aquarium will try to answer all your questions about betta fish food and guide you on how to feed betta fish reasonably according to a schedule.

Why is Feeding Your Betta Fish Properly Important?

Like other fish species, betta fish require a healthy and nutritious diet. They need a balanced diet that aligns with their natural eating habits.

However, many beginners in pet fish care make the mistake of feeding their betta fish any type of food they can buy at the store. These foods often lack proper nutrition and are difficult for them to eat. Moreover, they also do not know the frequency and quantity that betta fish need for growth.

Overfeeding betta fish or underfeeding can lead to digestive-related diseases. Excess food can also pollute the water and affect other inhabitants in the tank.

Therefore, feeding betta fish correctly is very important. You must understand the basics of feeding betta fish to become a responsible owner.

Bettas fish need a healthy diet to thrive
Bettas fish need a healthy diet to thrive

How Much Pellets and Live Food Should You Feed Your Betta Fish?

For pellet food, the daily portion for adult betta fish is about 1.8 grams, 2 or 3 pellets, or a maximum of 10 to 12 pellets, depending on the size of the pellet and the brand you choose. Theoretically, the amount of pellet food should be equal to the size of the betta fish’s eye.

You don’t need to soak the pellet food for fish before feeding, as all fish species can easily eat dry food. Soaking in water only reduces the nutritional content and sometimes makes it harder for betta fish to eat.

For live, frozen, and freeze-dried food like bloodworms, you should only feed them one or two times a week, starting with 1-2 worms at first and then increasing to 3-5 worms later.

Remember, betta fish are omnivores, so you shouldn’t feed them both types of food (pellets and frozen) at the same time.

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How much food does a Betta fish need
How much food does a Betta fish need

How Often To Feed A Betta Fish?

Betta fish should ideally be fed twice a day. You can give them a small pinch of food in the morning and another in the evening. If your fish are currently breeding, you can feed them up to three meals a day.

Ensure to split into more frequent meals, spaced 4 – 6 hours apart. This will prevent too much food from entering their gut at once.

Remember, the appropriate water temperature is very important for betta fish to digest food and metabolize properly. Always ensure to have a backup heater and a reliable thermometer so you can check daily.

How Often To Feed Baby Betta Fish?

For betta fish fry, they need to be fed more protein and fat compared to adults. From hatching to 4-6 months old, they should be fed food specifically for fry, not necessarily betta. The fry should be fed 4-5 times a day, divided into several small meals. Depending on the number of fry in the system, you may only need to feed a little or a few pinches.

Feeding Baby Betta Fish
Feeding Baby Betta Fish

Betta Fish Feeding Schedule

For beginners, it can sometimes be confusing and easy to make mistakes when feeding betta fish. To help you, we’ve provided a specific feeding schedule that you can use to keep your betta fish in the best health!

  • Monday: 1-2 times a day (each time 2-4 betta pellets)
  • Tuesday: 1-2 times a day (2-3 pieces of live, frozen, or freeze-dried food)
  • Wednesday: 1-2 times a day (each time 2-4 betta pellets)
  • Thursday: 1-2 times a day (each time 2-4 betta pellets)
  • Friday: 1-2 times a day (2-3 pieces of live, frozen, or freeze-dried food)
  • Saturday: 1-2 times a day (each time 2-4 betta pellets)
  • On Sunday, do not feed the betta fish.

Having a fasting day each week allows betta fish to digest and process food, reducing issues related to bloating, bladder, and constipation.

Betta Feeding Schedule
Betta Feeding Schedule

If you have to be away for a day or a few days, don’t worry. Betta fish can fast for more than a week. Fasting is good for the digestive system. You should not feed your betta fish extra food to compensate for the days you missed feeding it.

Mistakes To Avoid When Feeding Your Betta Fish

To ensure the well-being of your Betta fish during feeding, here are some key points to remember:

  • Overfeeding Betta: Limit feedings to no more than twice a day, and provide only what your Betta can consume in less than two minutes. Betta fish have a natural tendency to eat whenever food is available, which can lead to overeating if not monitored carefully.
  • Don’t Rely Solely on Manufacturer Labels: While some fish food containers may have suggested feeding amounts, it’s better to use these as rough guidelines. Trust your own observations and adjust feeding based on your Betta’s actual needs. Some fish foods are designed for general use, and certain manufacturers may recommend larger quantities to encourage more frequent purchases.
  • Be Cautious with Treats: Avoid overindulging your Betta fish with treats, such as live or frozen fish food. Treats should be given sparingly and in moderation. Each treat should be considered equivalent to a regular feeding to prevent overfeeding and maintain your Betta’s health.
Mistakes To Avoid When Feeding Your Betta Fish
Mistakes To Avoid When Feeding Your Betta Fish


By the end of this article, you should have a grasp on the “how often to feed betta fish” and the amount and method of feeding them daily according to the schedule we have provided. Always calculating the amount of food for betta fish will help them stay healthy and grow well.

Our advice for you is to let your betta fish fast one day a week, this is like an essential nutritional diet for their health!

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